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Bruce Dunn, MD, Ruth Oneson, MD, MPH, Ricky Reaves, MD and Barry Rockler, MD founded Heartland Pathology Consultants, PC in January 1998. The four owner/pathologists set out to create, build, staff and maintain the highest quality anatomic pathology laboratory available. Years of hard work and dedication by the pathologists and staff have built our state-of-the-art pathology laboratory. The majority of clients that started with HPC in 1998 continue to be devoted clients. Our 24-hour turnaround time and pathologist availability are two major keys to our success. Our goal is to be the local pathology partner throughout Oklahoma and Texas.


Quality patient care and superior customer service have added to our success. Patient care is our number one priority from every aspect of our practice. Our employees are trained to treat each patient with the same level of quality, care and hospitality they would desire as patients themselves. This philosophy begins at the onset of the sample pick up and continues through until the case is processed, signed out by the pathologist, reported, billed and collected. It is our desire to keep all aspects of our practice local. We believe Oklahoma employees are better suited to interact with the individual needs of our patients and clients.

We are an independently owned and operated anatomic pathology laboratory

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