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As an independently owned and operated anatomic pathology laboratory, HPC is uniquely capable of personalizing our services to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Our Services

We aim to partner with hospitals, surgery centers and private physicians as an extension of their professional operation with the mutual goal of improving patient outcomes. In 1998, the four owners and founders of HPC brought into full compliance with all appropriate accrediting agencies our own freestanding, independent surgical pathology operation. We hand-selected an elite team of health care professionals and developed our own professional practice histology laboratory and patient-friendly billing operation. We believe that by keeping all aspects of our practice local, and under our direct supervision, we are able to provide the level of service it takes to ensure client satisfaction.


The goal at HPC is to report routine surgical cases within 24 hours. Once the courier picks up the specimen, it is delivered to the HPC histology laboratory, processed overnight and the slides are prepared for pathology review. The pathologists begin reading slides early in the morning, and the majority of the reports are sent via fax to the facility and surgeon by midday. At the surgeon’s request, the pathologist will call the surgeon and discuss the individual patient case.


The physicians of Heartland Pathology Consultants are board certified in both anatomic and clinical pathology and are available to discuss any surgical pathology report.

Our full range of anatomic pathology services includes

Surgical pathology
Tissue examination of biopsy specimens
Non-gynecologic cytology
Special stains
Bone marrow examination
Flow cytometry

Image analysis for ER, PR, Ki-67 and HER2
GI pathology
Breast pathology
Fine needle aspiration
Oral pathology

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